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Ensure your trucks meet all safety and compliance standards with our professional DOT inspection services. RTC provides inspections for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty trucks. Trust us to keep your vehicles road-ready and in compliance with DOT regulations.

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DOT inspection services
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What are DOT Inspections?

DOT inspections are crucial examinations mandated by the Department of Transportation to ensure commercial vehicles comply with safety regulations. There are two primary types:

  • State DOT Inspections
  • Federal DOT Inspections

DOT Inspection Services

RTC offers state (depending on your location) and federal DOT inspections.

State DOT Inspections: Our technicians conduct state-level inspections with precision, addressing all state-specific requirements. From brake checks to light inspections, we ensure your truck adheres to local safety regulations.

Federal DOT Inspections: For comprehensive compliance with federal standards, RTC provides thorough federal DOT inspections. Our certified inspectors meticulously examine your vehicle, addressing critical components to meet FMCSA requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise: RTC's certified technicians possess extensive knowledge of DOT regulations. We stay up-to-date, ensuring your inspections are always current and in line with evolving standards.

Comprehensive Inspections: Our inspections go beyond routine checks. We delve deep into your truck's systems, leaving no stone unturned to identify and rectify potential issues before they become larger problems.

Convenience: With multiple locations and mobile services, we offer flexibility and convenience. Whether you're at our main shop or need us on the go, RTC brings reliable DOT inspection services to your doorstep.

Reach Out Today

Maintain compliance and safety with our DOT inspection services. If you require state or federal inspections for your heavy-duty truck or fleet, don't hesitate to contact us. Schedule your DOT inspection today, ensuring your vehicles are safe, compliant, and ready for the road.

Areas We Serve

At RTC, we proudly extend a 100-mile radius of each of our shop locations.

  • Redmond, Oregon
  • Burlington, Wisconsin
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Portland, Oregon (Mobile Services Only)
  • Vancouver, Washington (Mobile Services Only)

For those located in these areas, you can count on our 24/7 mobile services.


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