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Welcome to RTC's services page, where we address your queries about our top-notch repair services. Whether you're a truck owner, fleet manager, or heavy equipment operator, you can find detailed answers to common questions below.

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EXPERIENCE PEACE OF MIND WITH OUR 24/7 heavy-duty diesel mechanic SERVICEs. From emergency roadside assistance to scheduled Preventive maintenance, our expert mechanics are here to keep your vehicles running smoothly. SCHEDULE SERVICE TODAY!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved in a DOT inspection?

Our DOT inspections cover a thorough examination of essential components to ensure compliance with safety standards. We inspect brakes, lights, tires, and other critical elements to keep your fleet roadworthy.

What does preventive maintenance entail?

Our preventive maintenance involves regular check-ups, fluid changes, and component inspections. It's a proactive approach to catching potential issues early, minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of your vehicles.

How do you handle heavy equipment repairs?

From hydraulic system overhauls to engine diagnostics, our heavy equipment repair services address a wide range of issues, ensuring your machinery operates at peak performance for increased productivity.

What bus repair services do you offer?

Our bus repair services encompass everything from engine diagnostics to electrical system troubleshooting. We understand the unique needs of buses and provide tailored solutions for reliable and safe transportation.

What's involved in electric vehicle (EV) conversions?

Our EV conversions involve transforming traditional vehicles into electric-powered ones. This environmentally friendly service helps you reduce your carbon footprint and embrace sustainable transportation solutions.

How do you approach forklift repairs?

Our forklift repair services cover everything from engine overhauls to hydraulic system maintenance. We understand the critical role forklifts play in industrial operations and provide efficient solutions to keep them running smoothly.

What types of hydraulic repairs do you offer?

From addressing leaks to overhauling hydraulic systems, our technicians handle a diverse range of hydraulic repairs. We ensure your equipment's hydraulic components operate seamlessly.

Do you provide lift gate and ramp services?

Yes, we offer installation and maintenance services for lift gates and ramps. Our team ensures these essential components operate reliably, facilitating smooth loading and unloading processes for your vehicles.

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Areas We Serve

At RTC, we proudly extend a 100-mile radius of each of our shop locations.

  • Redmond, Oregon
  • Burlington, Wisconsin
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Portland, Oregon (Mobile Services Only)
  • Vancouver, Washington (Mobile Services Only)

For those located in these areas, you can count on our 24/7 mobile services and roadside assistance.


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